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Propolis Gel for Prevention of Radiation Induced Mucositis

Posted by Daniel Grande on
Propolis Gel for Prevention of Radiation Induced Mucositis

Yes, it's true and based on science facts! According to research, 83% of the people that used propolis gel in prevention of radiation-induced oral mucositis, did not develop mucositis or candidosis and 100% reported the absence of any pain and were able to continue their food intake normally.

In the research, twenty-four patients who were selected to undergo radiation therapy for oral cancer were included in an open-label trial. They were advised to use a mucoadhesive gel containing propolis 5,0% w/v three times a day starting one day before the course of radiation therapy and concluding after 2 weeks of radiation therapy. A weekly follow-up for evaluation of food intake, pain and grading of mucositis was performed.

At the end of the study was made the compliance of patients, quality, appreciation and acceptance of product evaluation. Twenty patients did not develop mucositis, two patients developed grade 1 mucositis and two patients developed grade 2 mucositis. None of the patients discontinued food intake and no pain was observed during the study. Candidosis was not detected in any patient. Mucoadhesive propolis gel could be considered as a potential topical medication for preventing radiation-induced oral mucositis.

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