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The Benefits of Green Propolis

Posted by Daniel Grande on
The Benefits of Green Propolis

We all learned that bee propolis is renowned for its health benefits as you can find in our science facts, but green propolis is much more natural and much more powerful due to its higher level of flavonoids. Here you have 5 benefits of the Green Propolis:

🔸 Anti-inflammatory activity: Green propolis is often used to treat gut or stomach ulcers but its inflammatory activity also helps recovering from a cold, or the flu.

🔸 Antioxidant activity: Antioxidant can also be found in fresh fruits and vegetables. They help against the oxidation of molecules in our body. Therefore they are very useful to preserve your health.

🔸 Antiviral activity: Regular propolis is renowned for its anti-bacterial activity, and so is green propolis. Therefore, intake of a daily dose of green propolis it is a great way to enhance your immune system.

🔸 Improves liver metabolism: Liver plays a major role in our health. It absorbs all the toxic substances we ingest and change them into harmless ones. Taking green propolis helps with eliminating those toxins and keeping your liver in a good state.

🔸 Helps treat with major diseases: Considering that green propolis has a very effective antioxidant activity, studies showed that it was quite effective on pre-cancerous lesions and helped regulate the glucose level in type 2 diabetes patients.



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