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The Importance of the Bees for the Human Kind Wellness

Posted by Daniel Grande on
The Importance of the Bees for the Human Kind Wellness

Bees are among the most industrious creatures on the planet, human kind wellness and the world as a whole would be very different if bees did not exist. To expatiate further, Bees are responsible for the pollination of about one-sixth of the world's flowering plant species and about 400 species of agricultural plants.

Bees are extremely important to human kind wellness because they pollinate agricultural plants. The benefit of bees to human kind wellness is usually measured on products that come directly from them. Bees is needed for human kind wellness and it should not be taken for granted unlike other pollinators such as butterflies, hover-flies and other flies. Bees are essential for a stable and healthy food supply. They are also essential to the varied, colorful and nutritious diets we need and expect.

Apart from honey produced by bees, bees also produce a compound called propolis, from the juice of evergreen needles. When they combine juice with their own waste and beeswax, they form a sticky, greenish product used as a coating for their beehives.

Propolis is used to make chewing gum, cosmetics, creams, and so on. Propolis is being researched as a dental cement and tooth enamel hardener. Different researches has shown the efficacy of propolis in human kind wellness for the treatment of burns, minor wounds, infections, inflammatory diseases, toothache and genital herpes.

Listed below are the importance of bees to human kind wellness

Wound healings

Bees propolis produced by bees contains a special compound called pinocembrin, which acts as an anti-fungal. These anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties make propolis useful for wound healing, this bees propolis from bees has helped human kind wellness by helping human with traumatic burns heal faster by accelerating the growth of new healthy cells.

Source of food

Bees are important to human kind wellness because of their role in providing quality foods (honey, royal jelly and pollen) and other products used in the health sector such as: (beeswax, propolis, bee venom). The largest contribution of bees and other pollinators is the pollination of nearly three quarters of the plants that produce 90% of the world's food. One third of the world food production depends on bees.

Sustainable agriculture and income

Over the past few years, the number of pollinator-dependent crops (fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and oilseeds) has tripled. Bees play an important role in agricultural production which helps human kind wellness. Effective pollination increases the quantity of agricultural products, improves their quality and increases plant resistance to pests. Bees has also helped the human kind wellness by providing jobs and income for millions of people. 


Bees are the only insects that can produce honey. One of the importance of bees to human kind wellness is the production of honey, which has many health benefits and is the only substance produced by an insect that has all the properties needed to sustain life.

In addition, it is important to know the differences between raw honey and processed honey. Processed honey is produced by large food companies that extract bee pollen. While processed honey can taste good, raw honey is much better because it contains more nutrients and antioxidants. In fact, the processed honey adds unhealthy amounts of high fructose corn syrup and has been linked to obesity, liver damage, hypertension and other unhealthy conditions.

Boost Immunity

Bee propolis, a product of bees, has shown to have a major impact on the human immune system. By adding small amounts of propolis to your diet, you can actually boost the immune system through its natural antiviral and antibacterial effects. The human immune system can use as much help as possible with the help of propolis.

Plant growth                         

Without bees we would have fewer plants, which would have a negative impact on society. Plants play a crucial role in society by providing food, medicine and even oxygen. Plants need to multiply and depend on animals, especially bees, to help them through a process called pollination.

Bees make plants grow, which makes our world beautiful. Without bees, the number of gardens, meadows and other stunning locations would be greatly reduced. Flowers and other plants not only make the planet attractive, bees also play an important role to other animals as source of protection. Bees allow the reproduction of flowers, but they also grow small seeds into large trees that can accommodate many animals, such as birds, squirrels and other insects to survive.


Bees also produce many important products such as beeswax, which serves as one of the importance of bees to human kind wellness. Beeswax is a natural wax produced by the wax glands in the outer body of bees. Beeswax is important for these insects as it serves as a cornerstone for honeycomb cells. These honeycomb cells are located in the hive and serve as housing for young bees as well as pollen storage.

Beeswax is the basis of many products, from skin care products to health products. Honey and beeswax have many healing properties, from sore throats to eczema treatment. As a result, beeswax is a key ingredient in certain eczema lotions. As beeswax contains tons of vitamin A, it calms the damaged skin. It also protects against external toxins that invade your skin.

Bee serves as a source of research to humans

Bees are important to human kind wellness because it has inspired scientific and technical projects such as the use of hexagons in engineering. Bees have also inspired philosophical and poetic ideas about how humans can learn from bees. The study of bees, especially honey bees, has produced tremendous scientific research and is probably the most studied human creature.


Humans should not perceived bees as just one loud pests that is created to sting. Instead, we should recognize the benefits bees to the world, how bees has helped in the preservation of plant life, various food sources and their beneficial effects on other animals.

Also bees produce different product such as: honey, propolis, bees wax and so on, this products has been beneficial to human kind wellness. But we have to note that bees are constantly losing their habitat, which would have serious consequences for human kind wellness.



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