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Why "MADI"?

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“MaDI” is an acronym for “Making a Difference”. And that is also our core mission: Making a positive Difference in people’s wellness and healthy lifestyle, by providing the purest and finest bee propolis products.

Our team believe that nature can offer the cure for everything. "We wanted to cause a huge positive impact in people's lives by following our beliefs and philosophy. When we realized that we could offer the unique and purest authentic Brazilian Bee Green Propolis products to the world, we decided to create the brand.", said Daniel Grande, founder and Managing Director of MADI WELLNESS ®.  

But behind great products, there is a lot of science and technology. We have state of the art facilities installed by nectar bee farms operating in Brazil since 1980 and developing the best processes and products for the last 3 decades. Since 2001 bee products are exported mainly to Asia, Europe and now to the US.

Our patented extraction method is one of the secrets to have bee propolis capsules  with the most intense biological activity per capsule, being one of the highest available concentrations of propolis per capsule in market.

Our products are manufactured under the strictest ISO 9001, GMP and HACCP quality control rules. The products reaches the consumer after having gone through over seventy chemical and microbiological analyses to assure its safety, potency and effectiveness. 

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The purest and finest bee green propolis products

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