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"MaDi" is an acronym for "Make a Difference", which is also our main mission: making a positive difference to the well-being of people and promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

With this in mind, MaDi identified substances produced by bees, particularly Green Propolis, as the source to develop products and supplements that are pure and rich in nutrients.  

Extensive research shows that bee products possess special health and wellness benefits. This inspired us to embrace the challenge of developing purer and more nutritious natural solutions and sharing them with the world, making a positive difference.



"We wanted to make a major positive impact on people's lives. We looked at our target customers and saw they were looking for conscious companies with a purpose, and that they were in need of pure, contaminant-free, nutrient-rich products that really helped maintain health by preventing and treating illnesses." When we realized we could offer high-quality products and became confident that our work would add value and make a positive difference to the world, we decided to create MaDi." Daniel Grande, founder and CEO of MADI BRASIL®

"Adding value and contributing to the environment in which we operate is part of our purpose, and making a difference through natural resources is our passion. This passion came from our connection to nature and our lifestyle. We believe that with each rising sun new habits can begin so that new passions are discovered by sunset. That is making a difference; it is stimulating the discovery of new passions that make a positive difference in people's health." Gabriel Grande, founder and CEO of MADI BRASIL®