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What is it?

Foundation stone of MaDi.

The movement for everyone to share the aim of making a difference and believing that natural resources can be a form of positive impact on health and quality of life every day.

Why does #beMaDi exist?

‘Make a Difference’ is the Passion and Purpose of MaDi and we use this to inspire people to create their own passions and take on new habits – this is our goal. This is the reason we rely on solid foundations. #beMaDi is one of our pillars of strength.

What is the goal of #beMaDi?

This is a space where people with common purposes can feel welcome to contribute and share their stories and relationship with natural resources.  

We believe that this sense of the collective and of sharing is a fundamental part of MaDi, makes the difference and should be disclosed to everyone.

Want to be part of #TeamMaDi?

Share your relationship with natural resources using the hashtag #beMaDi and tag @madibrasil.

#beMaDi, make a difference!

Find out more:

Follow our social networks and see who is already part of this movement.