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Green Propolis is an exclusively Brazilian product produced by bees that collect Baccharis Dracunculifolia resin, also known as wild rosemary.

This plant possesses multiple intense pharmacological activities and scientifically proven benefits and, not without reason, Brazilian Green Propolis is the most studied type in the world and also exported on a large scale to other countries.

MaDi's idea is to allow people in Brazil to also consume quality Green Propolis and enjoy its benefits. As such, we pay special attention to everything, such as the bee-farm facilities, handling, control of production and suppliers, in addition to quality and processes.

Below is a description of our natural products, which could be part of your diet too! 




It is the balanced and concentrated combination of the two fractions of Green Propolis: the aqueous and alcoholic, whose minimum active ingredient concentration is 50%, the highest concentration of pure propolis.

Green Propolis has more than 300 components, including antioxidant flavonoids and phenolics, including artepillin C. The latter is known for its strong antibiotic properties, being responsible for the immune-stimulatory effect of the substance.

In conjunction, the components of MADI GREENCAPS® Green Propolis also act as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, analgesic, and healing agents among others.




A balanced mix of the highest quality nutrients from Green Propolis, Agaricus Mushroom and Amazonian Ginseng (Pfaffia Paniculata) results in MADI PROENERGY®.

The synergistic combination of these rare and special nutrients increases vigor, reinforces the immune system, improves memory and reasoning skills leading to a better quality of life.




It is the perfect combination of Green Propolis' aseptic potential with correct oral hygiene, and is aimed at protecting against microorganisms to ensure complete oral health, strong teeth and gums, while preventing the side effects of dry mouth and controlling halitosis.

Green Propolis is produced by bees that use plant resins to seal their hives in order to protect them from invading predators and keep them aseptic. This propolis destroys germs, fungi, bacteria and viruses by maintaining optimal hygiene conditions inside the hive.