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Combo Health - MADI GreenCaps® 60 Veggie Caps + MADI ProEnergy® 90 Veggie Caps


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MADI GreenCaps® 

MADI GreenCaps® - The Extra Strength Brazilian Green Propolis Extract –  is a balanced combination of these two extracts, at 25% w/w concentration, in hard transparent vegetable capsules of 700 mg. MADI GreenCaps has at least 40 mg of identified substances of intense biological activity per capsule, being one of the highest available concentrations of propolis per capsule in market.*

All MADI Wellness® Products are manufactured under the strictest ISO 9001, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and HACCP quality control rules. The product reaches the consumer after having gone through dozens of chemical and microbiological analyses to assure its safety, potency and effectiveness.*

MADI ProEnergy®

MADI ProEnergy® is a balanced mix of high quality nutrients extracted from propolis, Agaricus, the mushroom and Brazilian Ginseng (Pfaffia Paniculata), which provides compounds that supply the organic needs for flavonoids, phenolics, glucans and saponins. The combined, synergic effect of these rare, special nutrients not only boosts the immune system, but also improves memory and reasoning skills and, therefore, the quality of life.*


  • Green Propolis, which comes from Baccharis dracunculifolia, is an immunostimulant and a free radical sequestrant, which results in prevention of/ protection from the development of diseases and early ageing.*
  • Agaricus blazei murril is a powerful Brazilian mushroom, is nowadays being exported to several countries to be used as an anti-tumoral agent. It also helps to maintain the regularity of menstruation and bowel functions and to treat rheumatism and many other organic disorders.*
  • Brazilian Ginseng is a powerful neuro-stimulant that is able to activate a number of brain processes linked to cognitive ability and sexual stimuli, as the Brazilian Ginseng stimulates the testosterone production and thus contributing in to increase the bone’s calcium absorption. Testosterone stimulates the production of muscular mass and collagen, improving the body's figure and boosting the skin, nails and hair.*